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1st May 2023

‘The Jerk at the End of the Rope’ and ‘Operation MARKET 2, 18 September 1944’ by Wally WALLACE and ‘Stirling Tales’ by Dennis ‘Vandere’ ROYSTON have been added in the ’38 Group Veterans’ Stories’ section:

Comments can now be written in the Contact page:

Consolidated PBY Catalina

11 April 2023

Thanks to Steven White, the link to the 196 Squadron information on the International Bomber Command Centre website:

Browse Items · IBCC Digital Archive (lincoln.ac.uk)

Douglas Dakota

11 March 2023

‘Summary of a Stirling Pilot’ has been added in the ’38 Group Veterans’ Stories’ section:

Short Stirling

19 February 2023

‘The last flight of LL406’ by David Cunningham and ‘Glider against the odds’ by Ari-Jan Van Hees have been added in the ’38 Group Veterans’ Stories’ section:

The DFC awarded to Wing Commander Henry Ellis ‘Pluto’ Angell has been added to the website:

Short Stirling

18 February 2023

The Obituary and the 2 stories of Kenneth FRERE, 296 Squadron and the Obituary and the story of Norman FENDALL, 295 Squadron have been added in the ‘In Memoriam’ & ’38 Group Veterans’ Stories’ sections:

The ‘Examples of 38 Group Squadrons Secret Missions: JEDBURGHS (SOE) and SAS in Brittany, FRANCE’ page has been added:

Armstrong Witworth Albemarle

28 January 2023

Muneville-sur-Mer Coat of Arms page has been added:

21 January 2023


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