Roll of Honour – Letter G

Note :
The Air Force in which the fallen were serving can be ascertained by examining their service numbers.

Royal Air Force – No prefix
Royal Canadian Air Force – Single letter prefix C, J or R
Royal Australian Air Force – Prefix AUS
Royal New Zealand Air Force – Prefix NZ

This follows RAF practice during the 1939-45 war.


GALVONThomas Mickael21R178884Flight Sergeant620 Squadron23 July 1944
GARDNERAlan Douglas23120390Flying Officer295 Squadron11 June 1943
GARDNERKenneth Gerald221587589Sergeant190 Squadron20 April 1945
GARNERKenneth Charles221331796Flight Sergeant190 Squadron26 August 1944
GARNETTJeremiah Charles23152486Flight Lieutenant644 Squadron14 September 1945
GATESAlan Montague221335041Warrant Officer296 Squadron25 May 1945
GENTRobert231594353Flight Sergeant644 Squadron23 February 1945
GIBBSReginald Cuthbert32J24002Flying Officer196 Squadron21 September 1944
GILBERT  DFMLeslie John30AUS421012Flight Sergeant299 Squadron6 June 1944
GILLIARD  DFCJohn Phillip2440819Squadron Leader190 Squadron19 September 1944
GILLONArchibald Gray191822657Sergeant298 Squadron13 April 1945
GILYEADLionel James Douglas211677499Flight Sergeant196 Squadron10 May 1945
GLANVILLERichard George211314985Sergeant620 Squadron4/5 August 1944
GLEWKenneth Albert201320812Sergeant196 Squadron4 February 1944
GODDARDPhilip Charles211322626Flight Sergeant196 Squadron6 June 1944
GODFREYWilliam George23649441Flight Sergeant298 Squadron25 February 1945
GOODBODYLewis Alfred261586015Flight SergeantORTU3 June 1945
GORDONJohn Robert211348378Flight Sergeant196 Squadron21 February 1945
GOULTMaurice Arthur191895539Sergeant196 Squadron9 November 1944
GRAHAMGordon Noel24649908SergeantA Squadron Glider Pilot Regiment24 March 1945
GRAHAMJames Robertson201563303Sergeant42 OTU12 March 1944
GRAINJack241310833Warrant Officer196 Squadron3 April 1945
GRANTDonald Hay241257760Flight Sergeant196 Squadron21 September 1944
GRANTDouglas Lambert24755550Flight Sergeant295 Squadron12 December 1942
GRANTGeoffrey John Cardross201807131Flight SergeantF Squadron Glider Pilot Regiment24 March 1945
GRANTThomas James Alexander211604927Flight Sergeant190 Squadron22 February 1945
GRASSOEnzo Biagge231338152Sergeant298 Squadron16 July 1944
GRAYFrank Emmanuel23R104994Warrant Officer161 Squadron21 March 1945
GRAYRobert27180030Flight LieutenantD Squadron Glider Pilot Regiment24 March 1945
GREENCharles Richard John231333688Flight Sergeant196 Squadron21 September 1944
GREENLeslie241140087Warrant Officer299 Squadron31 March 1945
GREYFrederick Gwilym23AUS422502Pilot Officer644 Squadron3 March 1945
GRIBBLEFred32134098Flight Lieutenant196 Squadron6 June 1944
GRIFFITHSJohn Ivor192201693Aircraftman 2nd Class295 Squadron14 March 1944
GROSSMAN  MiDGeorge Mendel221315823Flight Sergeant297 Squadron10 October 1943
GUYHenry Lester22571772Flight Sergeant190 Squadron23 July 1944

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