Roll of Honour – Letter N

Note :
The Air Force in which the fallen were serving can be ascertained by examining their service numbers.

Royal Air Force – No prefix
Royal Canadian Air Force – Single letter prefix C, J or R
Royal Australian Air Force – Prefix AUS
Royal New Zealand Air Force – Prefix NZ

This follows RAF practice during the 1939-45 war.


NAPIERALARobert Joseph221433838Aircraftman 1st Class1 PTS15 January 1944
NASHJohn Kenneth20162095Flying OfficerD Squadron Glider Pilot Regiment24 March 1945
NAYLORAlec221623237Flight Sergeant644 Squadron24 April 1945
NEALEStanley211581137SergeantORTU6 June 1944
NEILLRonald Frederick201334408Flight Sergeant297 Squadron14 October 1943
NEILLTerence Delancey3918060Flight Lieutenant296 Squadron13 July 1943
NESSWilliam Gibson201822524Sergeant644 Squadron19 July 1945
NETTLEFIELDPeter Edward21184442Flying Officer1665 HCU20 March 1945
NEVARDReginald Henry George201836474Sergeant190 Squadron6 November 1944
NEWBERYHarry George211586987Flight Sergeant196 Squadron4 November 1944
NEWMANFrank Cecil24178824Pilot Officer190 Squadron26 August 1944
NEWMANKenneth Frank211334862Flight Sergeant190 Squadron22 February 1945
NICHOLSONFrank25935445Flight Sergeant296 Squadron22 March 1943
NICHOLSONTom Brook211684663Flight Sergeant644 Squadron24 March 1945
NICKSONClarence Stephen231120869Flight Sergeant81 OTU8 June 1944
NIPPERArthur Walter William22170995Flying Officer570 Squadron29 July 1944
NORCROSSWalter Clifford211685214Sergeant42 OTU24 July 1944
NORMAN  CBE Bt.Sir Henry Nigel St. Valery4590147Air CommodoreHQ 38 Wing19 May 1943
NORMANVictor James221257069Flight Sergeant295 Squadron14 June 1943
NORTONJohn Anthony22153058Flying Officer196 Squadron9 November 1944
NUNNAlbert Edward George211335020Flight Sergeant297 Squadron23 August 1943
NUNNKenneth Stanley20AUS418459Flight Sergeant190 Squadron11 April 1944

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