Letters F to G


F1C : Fireman First Class
FA : Flying Accident (EFA = category E, write off)
FA : Field Artillery
FAA : Fleet Air Arm (British)
FANY : First Aid Nursing Yeomanry
FBE : Flying Battle casualty/accident, categorised E or write-off. (See also EFB)
FC : Ferry Control
FC : Fire Controlman
FEAF : Far East Air Force
FEC : Far East Command
“Ferio ferendo” : “I strike by carrying” – RAF Transport Command motto
fetterlock : étrier
FFAF : Free French Air Force
FFGT : Fire Fighter
FFI : French Forces of the Interior / Forces Françaises de l’Intérieur
FFL : Free French Forces / Forces Françaises Libres
(FG) : First Grade
FGA : Fighter/Ground Attack
Fg Off : Flying Officer
FH : Total flying time (hours/minute)
FIDO : Fog Investigation and Dispersal Operation
Flak : Fliegerabwherkanone / AA / Ack-Ack / DCA
FLD CK : Field Cook
FLD MUS : Field Music
Flt : Lt Flight Lieutenant
F/Lt : Flight Lieutenant
Flt Sgt : Flight Seargeant
FM SGT : Field Music Sergeant
FM CPL : Field Music Corporal
FM1C : Field Music First Class
FN.7, etc : Frazer Nash gun turret 7, etc
F/O : Flying Officer
FOOs : Forward Observing Officers
FS : Full Supercharger (engine gearing in operation)
F/S : Flight Seargeant
FR : Fighter Reconnaissance
FR C G : Croix de Guerre – France
FR L H : Legion of Honor – France
FR M M : Military Medal – France
FR M R : Medal of Reconnaissance – France
FR MOR GCOA : Grand Cross of Ouissiam Alaouite – French Morocco
FR VMSC : Volunteer Military Service Cross – France
freed : libéré
F Section : Independent Section of SOE in France
FTC : Flying Training Command
FTP : Francs-Tireurs et Partisans
FTPF : Francs-Tireurs et Partisans Français
FTR : Failed to Return
FTR : Fighter
FUSAG : First United States Army Group
Fw : Focke-Wulf (German aircraft builder)
Fw : Feldwebel (German military rank)


(G) : Special Gunnery Instructor (Aviation), Example : SP(G)1C
GA : Ground Attack
GA : Ground Accident
gashed : entaillé
GBE : Knight Grand Cross, Order of the British Empire
GC : George Cross
G C : See PHIL G C
GCB : Knight Grand Cross, Order of the Bath
GD : Guard
GEN : General
GHQ : General Headquarters
GIS : Glider Instructors School
GLI : Glider
glider : planeur
GLSM : Gold Life Saving Medal (U.S. Treasury)
GM : Gunner’s Mate
GMR : Groupes Mobiles de Réserve
GN SGT : Gunnery Sergeant
(GO) : Grand Officier
GP : Group
GPEU : Glider Pilot Experience Unit
Gp Capt : Group Captain
GP : General Purpose (bomb)
GR : Grave
Grand National : Bombing operation involving OTUs and Squadrons
to grasp : saisir
grave : tombe
Gren. : Grenadier (Private)

GR M C : Military Cross – Greece
Gruf. : Gruppenfuhrer und Generalleutnant des Waffen SS (Major General)
(GS) : Gilt Star, additional award-US Navy or US Marine Corps
GSC : General Staff Corps
GT : Glider Towing
GUN : Gunner
GUN : Gunnery