Roll of Honour – Letter H

Note :
The Air Force in which the fallen were serving can be ascertained by examining their service numbers.

Royal Air Force – No prefix
Royal Canadian Air Force – Single letter prefix C, J or R
Royal Australian Air Force – Prefix AUS
Royal New Zealand Air Force – Prefix NZ

This follows RAF practice during the 1939-45 war.


HABKIRKRamsay McKenzie25J25702Flying Officer620 Squadron4/5 August 1944
HADLEYEric23161625Flying Officer161 Squadron18 May 1945
HADLEYRobert Stewart19J26622Flying Officer190 Squadron11 April 1944
HAIGJohn Sutherland20180120Flight LieutenantG Squadron Glider Pilot Regiment24 March 1945
HALEGeorge Richard211389829Sergeant295 Squadron14 June 1943
HALESEdwin Marshall21177565Flying Officer298 Squadron24 March 1945
HALLIvan William31NZ403575Flying Officer296 Squadron2 October 1943
HALLRay Ashley221803436Flight Sergeant295 Squadron19 September 1944
HAMBROOKELionel Wilfred Lawrence34R129321Warrant Officer570 Squadron29 July 1944
HAMERRobert Tope3046635Flying Officer296 Squadron14 July 1943
HAMILTONJohn Herbert241796564Flight Sergeant570 Squadron23 April 1945
HAMMONDCharles Alfred27530448Flight Sergeant296 Squadron9 August 1944
HANDMorris26138921Flying Officer570 Squadron23 September 1944
HANDVernon Terence Joseph22116100Flight Lieutenant1665 HCU12 August 1944
HANNANDaniel211673056Sergeant42 OTU30 September 1944
HANSENJohn Nelson30968451Warrant Officer295 Squadron11 June 1943
HANSONGeoffrey Bernard20166501Flying OfficerG Squadron Glider Pilot Regiment24 March 1945
HARDING-KLIMANEKPaul Reginald Sergius211624425Flight Sergeant196 Squadron31 March 1945
HARDYJohn26567646CorporalORTU29 March 1945
HARGREAVESRoy Ingle23122722Flying Officer295 Squadron14 July 1943
HARMERKenneth John191897935Sergeant1665 HCU6 December 1944
HARRIESKenneth James24133095Flight Lieutenant620 Squadron28 December 1944
HARRISBernard William231323564Flight Sergeant299 Squadron3 March 1945
HARRISONGordon Fletcher24R112810Warrant Officer299 Squadron6 August 1944
HARRISON  DFC, Silver Star (USA)Graeme Elliot2937012Wing Commander190 Squadron21 September 1944
HARTIan George Gore23128873Flight Lieutenant297 Squadron29 May 1944
HARVEYRobert Edwards31119204Flight Lieutenant1665 HCU12 August 1944
HARWOODRoyston Hubert231296222Leading Aircraftman42 OTU24 July 1944
HAWARDArnold Thomas Hayward28115977Flying Officer38 Wing20 November 1942
HAWKINS  DFMRobert Charles24156639Flight Lieutenant161 Squadron18 May 1945
HAYJoseph Arthur34R138525Warrant Officer190 Squadron11 May 1945
HAYESMalcom Cedric24118396Flying Officer295 Squadron19 February 1943
HAYMANWilliam201606006SergeantC Squadron Glider Pilot Regiment24 March 1945
HAYNESArthur Bruce20AUS418112Flight Sergeant620 Squadron19 May 1944
HAYWARDKenneth Clement191890743Sergeant299 Squadron31 March 1945
HEADSRobert211873295Flight SergeantG Squadron Glider Pilot Regiment24 March 1945
HEALEYRobert Henry211339619Flight Sergeant298 Squadron19 April 1945
HEATH  DFMGeorge Alfred211586294Flight Sergeant161 Squadron31 March 1945
HEMMINGSAlexander George22191881Pilot Officer1665 HCU9 March 1945
HENRYJames Terence231588894Sergeant299 Squadron15 August 1944
HERGERRobert Blair23J89135Pilot Officer190 Squadron21 September 1944
HEWITTFrederick Edward291376509Sergeant295 Squadron17 November 1942
HEWITTJames231554527Flight Sergeant620 Squadron6 June 1944
HIGGINSLuke Anthony27R154170Flight Sergeant620 Squadron23 July 1944
HIGHTONHarold1031793Aircraftman 2nd Class6341 Light Warning Unit18 September 1944
HILLAnthony Edmund221388927Flight Sergeant620 Squadron19 May 1944
HILLIERAnthony Peter Ernest Walter211322602Flight Sergeant190 Squadron15 April 1945
HILLSKeith Alexander25J12985Flying Officer620 Squadron19 May 1944
HILTONFrank29118642Flying Officer295 Squadron19 May 1943
HINSELWOODWilliam Archibald32117351Flying Officer295 Squadron12 December 1942
HOBSONCecil Graham George201331487Sergeant295 Squadron12 December 1942
HODDINOTTDonald John311322701Flight Sergeant644 Squadron6 April 1944
HODGESReginald Frederick19R170348Sergeant81 OTU15 February 1944
HODGSONEdwin Davis32J26148Flying Officer190 Squadron6 November 1944
HODGSONLeslie201621779Sergeant570 Squadron29 July 1944
HOGGArthur221672245Sergeant298 Squadron13 April 1945
HOLLANDThomas William311201705Flight Sergeant295 Squadron19 February 1943
HOLLINRAKEDonald23983589Flight Sergeant190 Squadron22 February 1945
HOLMESGeorge Edward James341579355Flight Sergeant296 Squadron24 March 1945
HOLMESThomas Alfred291802278Flight Sergeant81 OTU31 July 1945
HOLMLUNDChester Allen22J93868Pilot Officer298 Squadron25 February 1945
HOLTHugh202209061Sergeant190 Squadron21 November 1944
HOODGeorge28106519Flight Lieutenant296 Squadron13 July 1943
HOODJohn Herbert30133781Flying Officer570 Squadron4 March 1944
HOPKINSONGeoffrey Frederick Laing21118560Flying Officer296 Squadron8 July 1943
HORNEWilliam Robert Lynden22C22763Pilot Officer295 Squadron27 June 1943
HORROCKSWilliam342210899Sergeant161 Squadron23 March 1945
HOSKYNS, Bt.Sir Chandos Wren21152074Flying Officer190 Squadron3 April 1945
HOUGHWilliam23AUS417081Pilot Officer299 Squadron15 August 1944
HOUSTONThomas Alexander231074883Flight Sergeant297 Squadron14 October 1943
HOWARDJames Robert301624902Sergeant81 OTU7 June 1945
HOWEFrederick193006443Flight Sergeant81 OTU3 June 1945
HOWEGraydon Raymond24AUS423743Flying OfficerORTU6 June 1944
HOWESWalter John22127241Flight LieutenantORTU29 March 1945
HUGHESGilbert331577301Warrant Officer196 Squadron3 April 1945
HUGHESJohn Philip211622924Flight Sergeant644 Squadron24 March 1945
HUGHESJoseph Frederick211425581Sergeant297 Squadron21 December 1943
HUGHESWilfred201819153Flight Sergeant620 Squadron28 December 1944
HULBERTGeorge Edward Anthony201866695Sergeant81 OTU31 July 1945
HULLAlfred Anthony201588979Sergeant299 Squadron6 August 1944
HULLEdward George27139978Flying Officer299 Squadron3 March 1945
HUMPHREYGeorge Alfred38919841Flight Sergeant196 Squadron26 February 1945
HUNNIFORDWesley Benjamin24NZ427501Flight Sergeant296 Squadron12 July 1944
HUNSDONSydney Norman221290193Warrant Officer299 Squadron12 April 1945
HUNTWilliam George Henry26143836Flying Officer570 Squadron23 April 1945
HUNTERCalvert Hamilton31R82037Warrant Officer196 Squadron21 February 1944
HUTCHENSDavid Leslie221605848SergeantE Squadron Glider Pilot Regiment24 March 1945
HUTCHINSGeorges Richard321360275Sergeant296 Squadron8 July 1943
HUTCHINSONJohn Edward211049565Sergeant42 OTU23 April 1944
HUTTONRobert Gerald23R109276Warrant Officer161 Squadron21 March 1945
HYDEIan Robertson24114296Flying Officer296 Squadron2 October 1943
HYDEPercy Nicholas221803473Flight SergeantD Squadron Glider Pilot Regiment24 March 1945

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