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  1. Geoff Milner

    Dear Bruno Im trying to find more information about my Grandfather Wing Commander George Milner.According to his military records I have in front of me George was attached to 38 HQ Group as Air Intelligence Officer from 3 july 1944,HQ AEAF,Troop Carrier Command Post 18.Was this dealing with the Market part ie airborne operation of Market Garden.He later went to 2nd TAF and then to Air HQ B.A.F.O British air force of occupation at Bad Eilsen.He left the RAF and joined the Control Comission Germany and Lived in Graven near Munster.He was Mentioned in Dispatches three times and i have the latest Certificate signed by the Secretary of State for Air Stangate.Any more info on his service would be appreciated many thanks Geoff Milner

  2. Gary

    Hi there,

    I am trying to help a friend of mine trace his grandfather.

    The was called George Bogdanchikoff. I know he was in Brize Norton at some point and flew in Halifax’s. He was given the air force medal in 1945 amongst other campaign medals. I am trying to find any more information. I don’t know which squadron. I suspect its 297.

    Is there any good way of getting any.more information or anyone that might know him? He was of Russian descent and then ended up in Canada. I believe he had a crash in which only he walked away from.

    Many thanks, Gary

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