Roll of Honour – Letter C to W

Note :
The Air Force in which the fallen were serving can be ascertained by examining their service numbers.

Royal Air Force – No prefix
Royal Canadian Air Force – Single letter prefix C, J or R
Royal Australian Air Force – Prefix AUS
Royal New Zealand Air Force – Prefix NZ

This follows RAF practice during the 1939-45 war.

C to W

COCKBURNJohn Gillies23591939Warrant Officer297 Squadron8 July 1946
CRABTREEPeter James22197216Flying Officer297 Squadron8 July 1946
DILLONCharles Thomas28190476Flying Officer299 Squadron7 October 1945
FAIRDonald George201834825Sergeant570 Squadron14 November 1945
GOWER  Formerly Sgt, 97 Squadron, ATCMichael Alister203000122Aircraftman 2nd Class1 PTS21 January 1946
GRANTKenneth Cameron Rockliffe212209386Flight Sergeant297 Squadron8 July 1946
GRIFFITHSAlan221455455Warrant Officer299 Squadron7 October 1945
HALLTom221671883Warrant Officer570 Squadron14 November 1945
JONESJohn Robert203025712Flight Sergeant297 Squadron8 July 1946
LASTVictor Gerald201890278Warrant Officer299 Squadron7 October 1945
LEEDonald William26145094Flight Lieutenant299 Squadron7 October 1945
MARTINFrederick Thomas201874948Flight Sergeant570 Squadron15 November 1945
MAVERSReginald Clifford211812222Flight Sergeant570 Squadron14 November 1945
NASHReginald William221809452Flight Sergeant297 Squadron8 July 1946
PETHEREric Anthony241314666Warrant Officer299 Squadron7 October 1945
SMITHEric Elston22166224Flying Officer297 Squadron8 July 1946
WALKERWilliam Robert231615521Warrant Officer570 Squadron14 November 1945
WAREHAMDonald211607715Flight Sergeant299 Squadron7 October 1945
WORDSWORTHSidney George29533639Leading Aircraftman299 Squadron7 October 1945

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