Letters H to K


/H/ : Heavy
HA : Hospital Apprentice
hazel : noisette
HC : High Capacity (bomb)
H/CU : See HCU
HCU : Heavy Conversion Unit (four engined aircraft)
HD : Harbor Defense
He : Heinkel
headquarters : quartier général, Poste de Commandement
hedge : haie
HFF : Heavy Freight Flight
HGCU : Heavy Glider Conversion Unit
HMS : Her Majesty’s Ship
HOSP : Hospital
Hptm : Hauptman
HQ : Headquarter
HS : Hawker Siddeley
H2S : Navigational radar based upon scanning
HSL : High speed launch
Hscha. : Hauptscharfuhrer (Battalion Sergeant Major, Master Sergeant)
Hstuf. : Haupsturmfuhrer (Captain)
H/T : High Tension (wire)
H.T. : Heavy Transport


(I) : Operator (ELEC ACCT. Machine), Example : SP(I)1C
IAS : Indicated Air Speed
ID : Infanterie-Division
IE : Initial/Immediate Equipment (of a Squadron)
IG : Inspector General
“Impetum Deducimus” : “We Launch the Spearhead” – RAF 570 Squadron motto
“In Caelo Auxilium” : “Aid From the Sky” – RAF 295 Squadron motto
increscent : croissant
INF : Infantry
IR : Immediate Reserve (of a Squadron)
IRAN O C : Order of the Crown – Iran
IT CMV : Cross of Military Valor – Italy
IT O C : Order of the Crown – Italy
IT W C : War Cross – Italy


JASCO : Joint Assault Signal Company
Jed : Jedburghs Teams (SOE)
JEHU : Joint Experimental Helicopter Unit
jettison : largage
JG : Jagdgeschwader (German Fighter Squadron)
Ju : Junkers
Ju. d. SS : Junker der Waffen SS (Officer Cadet, Sergeant)


KBE : Knight Commander, Order of the British Empire
KCB : Knight Commander, Order of the Bath
KCMG : Knight Commander, Order of St. Mickael and St.George
Kcs : Kilocycles
KG3, etc : Kampfgeschwader 3, etc (German bomber group)
KIA : Killed in Action
Kie : Kompanie
KIFA : Killed in Flying Accident
Km : Kilometre
(K) : Knight
(K1C) : Knight First Class
KOR DMSM : Distinguished Military Service Medal – Korea
KSLI : The King’s Shropshire Light Infantry
KW : Krzyz Walecznych (Polish Cross of Valour)