Roll of Honour – Letter S

Note :
The Air Force in which the fallen were serving can be ascertained by examining their service numbers.

Royal Air Force – No prefix
Royal Canadian Air Force – Single letter prefix C, J or R
Royal Australian Air Force – Prefix AUS
Royal New Zealand Air Force – Prefix NZ

This follows RAF practice during the 1939-45 war.


SALTAlbert Henry31AUS419222Flying Officer299 Squadron11 December 1943
SALTERGeorge27135680Flying Officer620 Squadron4 February 1944
SAMPSONDouglas John24NZ422571Flight Sergeant190 Squadron11 April 1944
SAMWELLSEric Arthur211523597Leading Aircraftman6341 Light Warning Unit22 September 1944
SANDERSRaymond Louis241576004Flight Sergeant299 Squadron11 December 1943
SANDERSONLeslie231660460Sergeant1665 HCU12 August 1944
SASSEVILLEJoseph Elzear Sahl28R55402Warrant Officer295 Squadron19 February 1943
SAWFORDJohn Edward201582429Sergeant196 Squadron20 February 1944
SAXBYFrederick Walter311157076Flight SergeantORTU3 June 1945
SAYLES   DFMFrancis2252592Flying Officer298 Squadron30 August 1944
SCAMMELLKenneth George Bruce231335699Sergeant42 OTU30 March 1944
SCANLONAthol Richard29AUS403535Flying Officer620 Squadron20 September 1944
SCARGILLClifford221681158SergeantORTU6 June 1944
SCARLETT-STREATFIELD   CBEJames Rowland3626093Air Vice MarshalHQ 38 Group10 May 1945
SCHRUMPTheodore Henry26J92034Pilot Officer299 Squadron6 June 1944
SCHULTZFrederick Carl25AUS409854Flight Sergeant295 Squadron11 June 1943
SCOTTJohn William23107227Flying Officer298 Squadron13 April 1945
SCRASERobert Alfred20166036Flying OfficerG Squadron Glider Pilot Regiment24 March 1945
SELTHJohn Burnett31AUS416795Flying Officer299 Squadron11 December 1943
SELVESArthur261267870Sergeant295 Squadron14 June 1943
SEWELL DE GENCYGerald Walter20116942Pilot Officer38 Wing20 November 1942
SHAWWilliam Herbert211507319Sergeant295 Squadron19 July 1943
SHAWWilliam Lawson22196054Pilot Officer161 Squadron23 March 1945
SHAYKenneth James221681173Flight Sergeant297 Squadron27 August 1944
SHEENRobert Francis292221458Flight Sergeant299 Squadron12 April 1945
SHEFFIELDAlbert Fred30144339Flying Officer298 Squadron21 September 1944
SHEPHERDRobert James221568430Flight SergeantD Squadron Glider Pilot Regiment24 March 1945
SHERWOODJohn Richard21163891Flight LieutenantG Squadron Glider Pilot Regiment24 March 1945
SHIPTONAnthony Gilbert191893268Sergeant299 Squadron15 August 1944
SHOPLANDArthur Donald201851187Flight Sergeant161 Squadron31 March 1945
SHOREJames Alphonsus251583895SergeantD Squadron Glider Pilot Regiment24 March 1945
SILVERMaurice321284558Sergeant42 OTU30 September 1944
SIMPSONCharles Arthur23R158722Warrant Officer196 Squadron20 February 1944
SIMPSONRichard Alan211380149Warrant Officer296 Squadron12 July 1944
SKELDONAngus Wallis201623522SergeantF Squadron Glider Pilot Regiment24 March 1945
SKEWESWilliam Henry231384994Flight Sergeant190 Squadron21 September 1944
SKINNER  DFCNorman Edward32118084Flight Lieutenant190 Squadron21 September 1944
SLEEKenneth192205180SergeantORTU29 March 1945
SLOANHugh281001886Flight Sergeant296 Squadron14 July 1943
SMALEGeoffrey Charles32165016Flying Officer295 Squadron8 May 1945
SMARTDouglas Frank24146792Flying Officer42 OTU5/6 June 1944
SMEDLEYDouglas211380977Flight Sergeant298 Squadron19 April 1945
SMITHAlan Lacy221652568Sergeant620 Squadron6 June 1944
SMITHDavid Clement Raymond203025447Flight Sergeant299 Squadron31 March 1945
SMITHDerwood William28J21753Flying Officer298 Squadron16 July 1944
SMITHDick33AUS401713Flying Officer196 Squadron30 June 1944
SMITHJames Andrew20J20624Flying Officer295 Squadron27 June 1943
SMITHJohn Bonsall331496761Flight Sergeant298 Squadron30 August 1944
SMITHJohn Gillies231059520Sergeant620 Squadron6 June 1944
SMITHJohn Kenneth231600926SergeantG Squadron Glider Pilot Regiment24 March 1945
SMITHJoseph22173074Pilot Officer296 Squadron6 June 1944
SMITHKingsley221569664Sergeant644 Squadron19 July 1945
SMITHOwen Keith23AUS425782Pilot Officer298 Squadron11 September 1944
SMITHDonald James21J10798Flying Officer295 Squadron16 May 1943
SMITHWiliam Brooksbank211671717Sergeant42 OTU24 July 1944
SOLOMONSonny25158419Flying Officer298 Squadron11 September 1944
SPALLRonald Edward191629954Flight Sergeant297 Squadron3 March 1945
SPARKESKenneth Charles201669241SergeantF Squadron Glider Pilot Regiment24 March 1945
SPARKESRobert Alfred231393942Flight Sergeant620 Squadron6 June 1944
SPEAR  DFMArthur Nathan3344361Squadron Leader299 Squadron22 February 1945
SPRAYAlfred201582813Sergeant196 Squadron4 February 1944
SPROULELouis Andrew27116629Flying Officer297 Squadron4 April 1943
STAPLEKenneth Thomas201891297Sergeant196 Squadron4 February 1944
STARNESLeonard George231394997SergeantORTU10 July 1944
STELLHarold James20R206128Flight Sergeant570 Squadron23 September 1944
STENNINGBruce27AUS420294Warrant Officer296 Squadron9 August 1944
STEPHENSWilliam Richard31122317Pilot Officer296 Squadron4 September 1942
STEPHENSONBarrie Noel211530146Sergeant295 Squadron16 May 1943
STEVENSThomas John Alfred221685282SergeantC Squadron Glider Pilot Regiment24 March 1945
STEVENSONJoseph Daglish25AUS422761Warrant Officer196 Squadron26 February 1945
STEWARTGeorge Cameron McKay23977419Flight Sergeant298 Squadron27 March 1945
STEWARTThomas Murray23J88049Pilot Officer644 Squadron27 May 1944
STINSONAlbert Henry24549035Sergeant298 Squadron27 March 1945
STOKESWilliam Angus Bartlett24J18752Flying Officer295 Squadron11 June 1943
STONHAMTerence McKeown241323678Flight Sergeant298 Squadron3 April 1945
STOPFORDGranville William25657479Flight Sergeant620 Squadron18 June 1944
STRACHANWiliam Edward221551601Flight Sergeant297 Squadron3 February 1945
STRATFORDHarold Percy Thomas221605557Flight Sergeant644 Squadron19 July 1945
STRETTONJack221486857Sergeant295 Squadron27 June 1943
STUBBINGSJack William211625159SergeantG Squadron Glider Pilot Regiment24 March 1945
STURGESPeter21AUS427035Warrant Officer620 Squadron4/5 August 1944
SULLIVANPatrick William24R159189Flight Sergeant196 Squadron20 February 1944
SULSHSamuel Alfred3956536Pilot Officer190 Squadron20 April 1945
SURPLICE  DSO DFCWilliam Edward3037026Group CaptainRAF Station Rivenhall3 November 1944
SUTCLIFFEJames Maden251076831Sergeant295 Squadron17 November 1942
SWALLOWEric George191397729Sergeant620 Squadron8 May 1944
SWANArchie Campbell30AUS415880Flying Officer620 Squadron8 May 1944
SWANNJohn Richard371382073Aircraftman 1st Class6341 Light Warning Unit18 September 1944
SWIFTReginald Arthur22196053Pilot Officer161 Squadron23 March 1945
SWINDELLAlbert William241104656Sergeant190 Squadron23 July 1944
SYMESBasil Herbert29700719Flight Sergeant42 OTU12 March 1944
SYMMONSHorace Albert271319783Warrant Officer295 Squadron24 March 1945
SYMONDSWilliam Roberts201629992Sergeant81 OTU7 June 1945

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