Roll of Honour – Letter B

Note :
The Air Force in which the fallen were serving can be ascertained by examining their service numbers.

Royal Air Force – No prefix
Royal Canadian Air Force – Single letter prefix C, J or R
Royal Australian Air Force – Prefix AUS
Royal New Zealand Air Force – Prefix NZ

This follows RAF practice during the 1939-45 war.


BAGLEYRonald Lewis251812807Flight Sergeant190 Squadron20 April 1945
BAILEY  DFCGerald Theodore23143807Flight Lieutenant644 Squadron14 September 1945
BAILLIEJames Duncan MacTavish22156690Flying Officer42 OTU12 March 1944
BAKERJohn Douglas21J87670Pilot Officer570 Squadron18 September 1944
BAKER  MiDMaurice William l’Isle la Valette3326171Wing Commander196 Squadron21 February 1945
BAKER  MiDWilliam22J23291Flying Officer570 Squadron23 September 1944
BALDOCKLewis George211615818Flight Sergeant190 Squadron22 February 1945
BANCROFTErnest Walter24R152458Warrant Officer196 Squadron20 September 1944
BARBEREric Spencer211033697Sergeant295 Squadron14 July 1943
BARBOURJames29966477Flight Sergeant297 Squadron5 March 1945
BARKERLeonard281100376Sergeant297 Squadron10 October 1943
BARKERThomas Frederick27J14207Flying Officer620 Squadron6 June 1944
BARNESRobert231461561Sergeant196 Squadron11 April 1945
BARNETTAlec David221393084Flight Sergeant620 Squadron12 April 1944
BARROWHarry Victor251006181Sergeant190 Squadron15 April 1945
BARTONAlbert Hamilton24176884Pilot Officer620 Squadron6 June 1944
BARTON  DFCWallace Stanley2539484Wing Commander295 Squadron21 July 1943
BASSETTGoronwy Amman34930637Flight Sergeant644 Squadron24 April 1945
BEALEArthur Alfred241133762Sergeant299 Squadron21 August 1944
BEANSGeorge231207244Sergeant295 Squadron14 July 1943
BEBARFALDBrian Arthur23NZ414953Flying Officer190 Squadron21 September 1944
BEEBEJack Heaton21NZ411058Sergeant295 Squadron9 February 1943
BELCHERErnest Leonard221611070SergeantORTU6 June 1944
BELLAndrew Paul21R189575Warrant Officer620 Squadron20 March 1945
BELLGeorge Samuel Crawford23AUS412361Pilot Officer570 Squadron18 September 1944
BELLGodfrey Vernon John231423401Flight SergeantORTU10 July 1944
BELLHarold Alfred321061632Flight Sergeant196 Squadron10 May 1945
BELLJoseph Ashbridge202209924Sergeant81 OTU18 May 1945
BELLAMYArthur George Oliver201808099Flight Sergeant190 Squadron21 September 1944
BELTDallas Eugene25J28877Flying Officer570 Squadron29 July 1944
BENNETTArthur201677898Flight Sergeant196 Squadron2 April 1945
BENNETTEric311399130Sergeant620 Squadron4 February 1944
BENNINGDonovan Geoffrey22183895Flight Sergeant196 Squadron20 September 1944
BENSLEYRobert221482611Flight Sergeant298 Squadron25 August 1944
BERRYJames23643934Flight Sergeant296 Squadron14 July 1943
BEVANClifford Owen201337551Sergeant190 Squadron6 June 1944
BEWICKJohn Winship29124853Flying Officer295 Squadron19 July 1943
BILLENLeslie John221378767Warrant Officer190 Squadron21 September 1944
BITTINERHenry Mark221550834Flight Sergeant620 Squadron6 June 1944
BLACKBURNEdward Bradley21119203Flying Officer295 Squadron2 June 1943
BLACKWELLHenry Charles29109105Flight Lieutenant296 Squadron10 February 1944
BLENCOWEDennis James201818376Flight Sergeant570 Squadron23 September 1944
BODEPeter Harold211583111Flight Sergeant196 Squadron21 September 1944
BONDDennis Langdown221803852Flight SergeantD/E Squadron Glider Pilot Regiment24 March 1945
BONDRichard Bert241287244Sergeant570 Squadron23 September 1944
BONSEREdgar Frederick191819312Sergeant296 Squadron27 August 1944
BOOKERThomas William241050260Flight Sergeant190 Squadron15 April 1945
BOOTHRobert Carter22144583Flying Officer570 Squadron23 September 1944
BORKETTGerald23158612Flying Officer298 Squadron21 September 1944
BOTHWELLAlexander Edward27133470Flying Officer196 Squadron6 June 1944
BOURKEPeter James192205954Sergeant22 HGCU8 March 1945
BOURNEGeorge Victor211395380Sergeant81 OTU31 January 1944
BOWDENJohn Bruce23J11959Flying Officer297 Squadron23 August 1943
BOWLERKenneth Wilfred201673425Flight SergeantA Squadron Glider Pilot Regiment24 March 1945
BOYCEFrancis Allen24J20871Flying Officer299 Squadron7 June 1944
BRADDOCKRobert Jack26NZ416081Warrant Officer299 Squadron6 August 1944
BRADFORDColin Arthur21AUS414754Flight SergeantORTU14 March 1944
BRADLEYPercy211543070Flight Sergeant161 Squadron21 March 1945
BRADLEYWilliam332209464Sergeant298 Squadron30 August 1944
BRADSHAWEric Arthur211577432Flight Sergeant620 Squadron20 September 1944
BRAINWilliam Walter d’Arcy26NZ42365Flying Officer190 Squadron21 November 1944
BRANSONCharles Frederick301892153Sergeant190 Squadron21 September 1944
BRAYBROOKEFulke Henry Arthur251585560Flight Sergeant297 Squadron28 July 1944
BRECKELSGeorge Stanley19R212772Flight Sergeant190 Squadron19 September 1944
BREEDJohn Leonard24AUS415610Flying Officer196 Squadron10 May 1945
BRENNERFrederick Charles311895463Flight Sergeant196 Squadron31 March 1945
BRIDGEFrederick191697141Flight Sergeant298 Squadron19 April 1945
BRIERLEYThomas Barry21NZ417009Warrant Officer190 Squadron21 September 1944
BRIGGSPeter Stafford24159989Flying Officer644 Squadron14 September 1945
BRINKWORTHPhilip Sydney25911288Warrant Officer299 Squadron31 March 1945
BROADRobert John211393530Sergeant295 Squadron21 July 1943
BROTHWOODRichard281152713Flight Sergeant296 Squadron24 March 1945
BROOKSJames Chassels311470237Leading Aircraftman6341 Light Warning Unit18 September 1944
BROOKSWalter251436641Flight Sergeant644 Squadron23 February 1945
BROUNRonald Richmond21NZ417013Flight Sergeant81 OTU15 February 1944
BROUSEDavis Lorne23R82714Warrant Officer190 Squadron20 September 1944
BROWNErnest Charles21173296Flying Officer570 Squadron23 September 1944
BROWN  MBEJohn Laurence4174440Wing CommanderRAF Station Harwell/6080 & 6341 Light Warning Units18 September 1944
BROWNReginald Henry241390357Flight Sergeant644 Squadron3 March 1945
BROWNRobert Philip Henry31AUS413556Flight Sergeant42 OTU15 April 1944
BROWNThomas Henry231162795Sergeant296 Squadron22 March 1943
BROWNWilliam Wallace30J206469Flying Officer298 Squadron30 August 1944
BROWNEHenry Ernest261518212Flight Sergeant570 Squadron18 September 1944
BROWNHILLJack Thomas211715949Sergeant81 OTU15 February 1944
BRUCEKenneth Rupert24AUS422400Flying Officer644 Squadron24 March 1945
BRUNTONThomas Louttit221567407Flight Sergeant196 Squadron31 March 1945
BUCKLEYClifford241074513Warrant Officer190 Squadron3 April 1945
BUCKTONAlbert23751516Flight Sergeant38 Wing20 November 1942
BULLLeslie Lawrence321381074Sergeant296 Squadron22 March 1943
BUNKER  DSO, DFC and BarRichard Henry2540668Wing Commander190 Squadron20 April 1945
BUNNJames Ewart20R203548Warrant Officer298 Squadron24 March 1945
BUNTINGEdward Arthur21165592Flying Officer42 OTU18 December 1944
BURGESSRichard Arthur322221098Sergeant161 Squadron31 March 1945
BURNSHuia Nelson22AUS425093Flight Sergeant620 Squadron13 April 1944
BURROWSJohn Benjamin21AUS400317Warrant Officer297 Squadron4 April 1943
BURTONNorman Lee29NZ41531Flying Officer296 Squadron2 October 1943
BUSBRIDGEAlan Henry201801572Flight Sergeant297 Squadron27 August 1944
BUSHWilliam Richard191876215Sergeant296 Squadron12 July 1944
BUSSELLWilliam Thomas281853553Sergeant1665 HCU26 August 1944
BUTCHERCyril George Raymond191866662Sergeant42 OTU10 November 1944
BUZZAJames Alexander24R197961Warrant Officer298 Squadron30 March 1945

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