Roll of Honour – Letter M

Note :
The Air Force in which the fallen were serving can be ascertained by examining their service numbers.

Royal Air Force – No prefix
Royal Canadian Air Force – Single letter prefix C, J or R
Royal Australian Air Force – Prefix AUS
Royal New Zealand Air Force – Prefix NZ

This follows RAF practice during the 1939-45 war.


MABBOTTCyril221537420Flight Sergeant196 Squadron20 September 1944
McALPINERobert Henry372221305Flight SergeantORTU29 March 1945
MacAULAYThomas Scott32154248Flying Officer161 Squadron31 March 1945
McBEATHThomas Albert26J94509Pilot Officer299 Squadron3 April 1945
McCANNELLDuncan Malcom241075622Sergeant196 Squadron21 February 1944
McCORMICKSidney341384433Flight Sergeant295 Squadron21 July 1943
McCRODDENWilliam Armando211388663Warrant Officer295 Squadron14 June 1943
McDONALDEugene Peter28950919Flight Sergeant295 Squadron19 September 1944
MacDONALDRobert Emmett30J89663Pilot Officer190 Squadron1 February 1945
MacDONNELLJohn Kenneth22J28491Flying Officer190 Squadron21 September 1944
MacDUFFRobert Denver26NZ417149Flying Officer298 Squadron30 August 1944
McEWENNorman Sutherland37168700Flying Officer190 Squadron19 September 1944
McGARRIEJohn201672393Flight Sergeant570 Squadron23 September 1944
McGILLIVRAYDelmer Ronald29J24978Flying Officer298 Squadron24 March 1945
McGILVRAYEdward Joseph31AUS412632Warrant Officer620 Squadron20 September 1944
McGOVERNJohn Bruce22R105460Warrant Officer196 Squadron21 February 1945
McGREGORAndrew29163803Flying OfficerD Squadron Glider Pilot Regiment24 March 1945
McGREGORWilliam271663665Leading Aircraftman42 OTU24 July 1944
McHUGHMaurice21AUS410858Pilot Officer620 Squadron20 September 1944
McILWRICKJames Hamish Cameron28123136Flying Officer295 Squadron19 February 1943
McINNESWilliam George211568115Flight SergeantA Squadron Glider Pilot Regiment24 March 1945
McISAACBrendan Hilary36R124680Warrant Officer296 Squadron2 October 1943
McKAINEJohn Alan231892951Sergeant298 Squadron9 February 1945
MacKAYNeil35147128Flying Officer190 Squadron21 September 1944
MacKRILLRonald Franklin29926041Warrant Officer298 Squadron19 April 1945
McLACKLANDDavid Colville311477936Flight Sergeant1665 HCU25 September 1944
McLEANSamuel21180097Flying OfficerE Squadron Glider Pilot Regiment24 March 1945
MacLENNANWilliam Alexander34AUS420586Flying Officer644 Squadron31 August 1944
McMAHONFrancis Louis192209648Sergeant299 Squadron6 June 1944
McNAMARA Croix de Guerre (France)John Henry23AUS420704Flying Officer620 Squadron28 December 1944
MADDOCKGeoffrey William22163893Flying OfficerA Squadron Glider Pilot Regiment24 March 1945
MAINClarence341596236Sergeant644 Squadron24 March 1945
MAJORJames Joseph28R88693Flight Sergeant296 Squadron20 August 1942
MANSELLStephane Peter20150982Flying OfficerD Squadron Glider Pilot Regiment24 March 1945
MANTONFrederick Norman301358051Flight Sergeant296 Squadron9 August 1944
MARNHAMEdward George Arthur231386722Sergeant295 Squadron28 April 1944
MARSHLeonard201044423Flight Sergeant196 Squadron21 September 1944
MARSHALLHenry Charles201335621Flight Sergeant297 Squadron14 October 1943
MARSHALLJohn William221391243Sergeant620 Squadron20 September 1944
MARSHALLKeith Reynold34NZ403039Flight Sergeant295 Squadron19 February 1943
MARSHALLReginald Ernest391448835Flight Sergeant196 Squadron3 April 1945
MARSTONArthur221578493Flight Sergeant295 Squadron19 September 1944
MASONCarl Victor30106539Flight Lieutenant299 Squadron21 August 1944
MASONFred25127171Flight Lieutenant299 Squadron19 September 1944
MASTERSStanley Morrison27144588Flying Officer296 Squadron12 July 1944
MATHERWalter321033245Sergeant295 Squadron19 February 1943
MATHESONRoderick James26J20179Flying Officer190 Squadron20 September 1944
MATTHEWSDennis Alec23572663Sergeant196 Squadron19 September 1944
MATTHEWSFrancis William311375612Flight Sergeant196 Squadron31 March 1945
MATTHEWSJohn Keith29119216Flying Officer295 Squadron17 November 1942
MATHEWSONDonald Meldrum36NZ421331Warrant Officer190 Squadron21 September 1944
MATHIASWilliam Henry201836211Flight Sergeant644 Squadron14 September 1945
MAUNDGeoffrey Albert191851161Sergeant620 Squadron6 June 1944
MAUNDERStanley Frederick28128021Flight Lieutenant570 Squadron24/25 August 1944
MAY  AFC, US DFC. Previously served in Chinese Air Force (awarded gold medal)Peter Rodriguez3528048Wing Commander296 Squadron13 July 1943
MAYESRichard John311377330Flight Sergeant296 Squadron4 September 1942
MEERAShayrene191697800Sergeant196 Squadron4 April 1944
MERCERRichard23115817Flying Officer296 Squadron6 December 1943
MIDDLETONAngus Sutherland2553253Flying Officer620 Squadron23 July 1944
MILKSErle Mayne20R180687Flight Sergeant570 Squadron23 September 1944
MILLARGeorge25547917Sergeant295 Squadron14 July 1943
MILLARDKenneth28191418Pilot Officer1665 HCU9 March 1945
MILLERJohn Alfred25J22506Flight Lieutenant644 Squadron3 March 1945
MILLSErnest Henry201850853Sergeant299 Squadron6 June 1944
MILTONAlfred James201602744SergeantORTU10 July 1944
MINCHINRonald Buckland221312801Sergeant295 Squadron27 June 1943
MINSHULLHarry201589262Flight Sergeant161 Squadron31 March 1945
MITCHELLGeorge Lyon221340827Sergeant620 Squadron28 December 1944
MITCHELLJohn Willie311591883Sergeant190 Squadron11 April 1944
MITCHELLWalter Reginald23151920Flight Lieutenant644 Squadron24 April 1945
MOMBRUNGeoffrey Adrian21152348Flying Officer570 Squadron26 April 1945
MOOREJohn Charles28526578Sergeant196 Squadron4 November 1944
MOOREQuintin Shirley27959909Sergeant297 Squadron4 June 1942
MOORERobert Angus231074933Flight Sergeant297 Squadron23 August 1943
MOOREThomas22150068Flying Officer196 Squadron5 February 1944
MORGANArthur Theodore29R89659Flight Sergeant296 Squadron9 August 1942
MORGAN  DFMPercy Cyril30120491Flight Lieutenant42 OTU5/6 June 1944
MORRISHorace John3047081Flying Officer295 Squadron28 April 1944
MORRISONSamuel24985979Flight Sergeant42 OTU30 March 1944
MOSSWilliam Charles211581876Flight Sergeant190 Squadron19 September 1944
MOWANBernard Vincent231324290Flight Sergeant297 Squadron27 August 1944
MUIRRobert Telford241369916Sergeant297 Squadron6 June 1944
MUIRHEAD  DFCPeter Thomson26117929Flying Officer295 Squadron21 July 1943
MUNROEJames Henry23R125842Warrant Officer299 Squadron6 June 1944
MURPHYAndrew Joseph29628480Flight Sergeant196 Squadron20 September 1944
MURPHYMiles Alphonsus22798722Flight Sergeant570 Squadron29 July 1944
MURPHYWalter Francis331523999SergeantE Squadron Glider Pilot Regiment24 March 1945
MURRAYJohn Michael311892270Flight Sergeant299 Squadron3 March 1945
MUSKDavid John Coutts201274228SergeantORTU3 June 1945
MYERSCharles Alfred341118734Flight Sergeant196 Squadron9 November 1944
MYERSPaul Montefiore203033223Sergeant196 Squadron31 March 1945

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