Support Pollards Victimized Workers

Mrs Winifred Margaret Morss

“Support Pollards Victimized Workers”

This was the slogan chalked more or less artistically – but legally – across the main entry of each important factory in Walthamstow.

Pollards management had arbitrarily sacked two of our leading shop stewards. The given reason was redundancy but the truth was in the trade union activities of the two men.

This action on the part of the Management aroused fury and angry calls for strike action throughout the factory. To withhold one’s labour is the final right and weapon of every worker but with the war on – the Second Front and Victory in Europe in sight – strikes could not be tolerated. Other means to achieve justice had to be found.

Publicity was the answer. A committee was formed and a campaign organised. Its job – to publicize Pollards’ anti-Trade Union attitude and to force them to re-instate the two sacked men.

Public meetings with other Unions were organised. Street corner meetings, collections. Articles in the local press. Marches up to the Labour Exchange during lunchtimes but there was no strike!!

Finally after about one month, and with added pressure from the M.A.P. Pollards caved in – our stewards were re-instated.

This victory was very important; it demonstrated the power of united action and showed what could be achieved. Production had been maintained on all levels. Pollards’ management had had to climb down.

Mrs Winifred Margaret Morss

A special thanks to Les and Winifred Margaret MORSS

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