Note 2

I discovered, when I go to the Bréhal’s Cemetery, a grave near my Grandfather’s Grave (*).
The grave was Jean SOYER’s Grave.
Jean SOYER was the man who escorted Bernard BULLIVANT and Gerard BILLING and was shot dead by the Germans a few hours after.
On this grave is written:

Sujet de JERSEY
Abattu par les allemands
Le 29 Juillet 1944

Citizen of JERSEY
Killed by the germans
On 29 July 1944

The Souvenir Français (French Souvenir Association) takes care of the Grave and has bought the Grave’s place to perpetuity.

(*) My Grandfather, Jules LECAPLAIN, evaded capture with a friend, Mr MENAGE, during the Second World War. During their evasion they were hidden by a woman who wanted to sell them!

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