LORIENT 4/5 February 1943

In the night of 4/5 February 1943, 128 aircraft of the Royal Air Force Bomber Command participated in the raid to bomb Lorient, Brittany, France.
9 aircraft were Wellingtons of No.196 Squadron of No.4 Group, who flew together with 9 other aircraft of an unknown Squadron of No.4 Group:
Sortie from 18h26 to 01h20,
17 aircraft dropped their bombs (25.5 tons of various types) from 10 000 feet.
These airmen saw an important burning in Lorient.

Other details about the raid on Lorient 4/5 February 1943:

128 aircraft were involved, good visibility and the pathfinders (the first bombers arrived over Lorient) have lighted the old town and the Docks:

26 aircraft were from No.1 Group R.A.F. Bomber Command:
– 1 Lancaster of No.103 Squadron, 6 Wellingtons of No.166 Squadron, 9 Wellingtons of No.199 Squadron, 1 Wellington of No.300 Squadron, 4 Wellingtons of No.301 Squadron & 5 Wellingtons of No.305 Squadron,
– All these aircraft reached the target, sortie from 20h18 to 21h32.

34 aircraft were from No.4 Group R.A.F. Bomber Command:
– 16 Halifaxes of an unknown Squadron, 9 Wellingtons of No.196 Squadron & 9 other aircraft of an unknown Squadron,
– 15 Halifaxes reached the target, other aircraft (Wellingtons), please, see details at the top of the page.

68 aircraft were from No.6 Group R.A.F. Bomber Command:
– 8 Lancasters of No.427 Squadron & 60 Wellingtons of unknown Squadrons.
– 7 Lancasters reached the target, one was Flak damaged near Ploemeur (a town near Lorient), Brittany and crashed, 55 Wellingtons reached the target.

Total: 120 aircraft have reached the target, one was lost (Lancaster of No.427 Squadron), 90.6 tons of bombs have been dropped. Burnings was seen in town, South and East of Lorient.

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