u/c : Undercarriage
UDI : Unilateral Declaration of Independance (Rhodesia)
UE : Unit Establishment
Uffz : Unteroffizier
UHF : Ultra High Frequency
UK : United Kingdom
UKT : Code designation for Transport Command schedule flights from Lyneham            to Allahabad and return ; flown by Dakotas in June 1945 and Stirlings in            September 1945
UM : Code designation for Transport Command schedule flights from Lyneham           to Cairo West, returning to either Lyneham or Hendon ; flown by Dakotas           in June 1945 and Stirlings in September 1945
UOH : University Overhead
US : United States
USAAC : United States Army Air Corps
USAAF : United States Army Air Force
USAF : United States Air Force
USAFFE : United States Army Forces in Far East
USAFPAC : United States Army Forces in the Pacific
USAFWESPAC : United States Army Forces in Western Pacific
USAMP : United States Army Mine Planter
USCG : United States Coast Guard
USCGR : United States Coast Guard Reserve
USCIV : United States Civilian
USFET : United States Forces European Theatre
Usha. : Unterscharfuhrer (Sergeant)
USMC : United States Marine Corps
USMCR : United States Marine Corps Reserve
USMM : United States Merchant Marine
USN : United States Navy
USNR : United States Navy Reserve
USO : Unites States Organization
US of S : Under-Secretary of State
USOSS : Unites States Office of Strategic Services
USPHS : United States Public Health Service
USSAFE : United States Strategic Air Forces in Europe
USSTAF : United States Tactical Air Forces
USSR OAN : Order of Alexander Newsky - USSR
USSR ORS : Order of the Red Star - USSR
USSR O K : Order of Koutusoff - USSR
Ustuf. : Untersturmfuhrer (2nd Lieutenant)


(V) : Transport Airman, Example : SP(V)1C
VC : Victoria Cross
VCAS : Vice Chief of Air Staff
VEH : Vehicule
VET : Vetenary
VGO : Vickers Gas-Operated
/VH/ : Very Heavy
VHF : Very High Frequency (Radio)
VIP : Very Important Person
VR : Volunteer Reserve
V/STOL : Vertical / Short take-off and landing
VVIP : Very Very Important Person


(W) : Chaplain's Assistant, Example : SP(W)1C
WAAF : Women's Auxiliary Air Force
WAC : Women's Army Corps
WAG : Wireless Operater / Air Gunner (on RAF insignia)
(WBS) : With Bronze Star
W C : See IT W C
W/C : Wing Commander
WDC : Western Defense Command
Wg Cdr : Wing Commander
(WGS) : With Gilt Star
wheat-field : champ de blé
winged : ailé
wireless : sans fil
wireless : opérateur radio
W M : War Medal
WNG : Wing
WO : Warrant Officer
W/O : Warrant Officer
WOJG : Warrant Officer Junior Grade
Wop/AG : Wireless Operater / Air Gunner
(WP) : With Palm
wreckage : épave
wrist : poignet
(WS) : With Sword
(WSGS) : With Silver Gilt Star
(WSS) : With Silver Star
WT : Wireless Telegraphy
WT : Water Tender
W/T : Wireless Telegraphy
W/T : Wireless Transmitter



(X) : Unclassified, Example : SP(X)1C



(Y) : Control Tower Operator, Example : SP(Y)1C
Y2C : Yeoman, Second Class

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