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Rough translation of the memorial :

On the 2nd of November 1944 a British Short Stirling airplane crashed at Skarsfjell, due to icing. The plane should have dropped supplies to Milorg Section 16.1 in Numedal (*).

The pilof of the aircraft, Group Captain Wilfred Edward Surplice DSO, DFC, managed to keep the plane airborne until the crew of six had parachuted to safety, but lost his own life in the crash.

In Admiration and Gratitude

The Linge Club (**)
Norwegian Air Historical Societey
Norwegian Musem of Defense
Norwegian Resistance Museum

Notes :

(*) Milorg Section 16.1 was a part of the Norwegian resistance.

(**) The Linge Club is an association of former members of Company Linge, a unit of Norwegian soldiers based in Great Britain, led by Martin Linge.

Special Thanks to Vidar to allow the publishing of the pictures


Picture date : July 2002

Pictures by Vidar Nakling



Vidar Nakling © 2002

Vidar wrote :

"The crash site is ca. 1400 m above sea level, in a rough mountain area, with almost no footpaths. In principle you might say that the entire airplane is still there, scattered over an area of approx 100 x 500 meters, but in the condition shown.
As is usual in cases like this quite a few souvenirs are probably carried away during the nearly 60 years, but the distance involved will have reduced this compared to other crash sites.

From Oslo it is 4 to 5 hours by car, and then 3 to 4 hours on foot. All this of course makes the achievement by the surviving crew members quite impressive, they got away on foot in a November snowstorm in occupied territory. I have an account, in Norwegian, of the escape and escape attempts."

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