Jedburgh Team ‘Harry’ (SOE)

‘Harry 41’ was a secret mission to drop supplies to the Jedburgh Team ‘Harry’.
‘Harry’ was a Special Operations Executive (SOE) Team dropped on 06 June 1944 in Nièvre Department, Bourgogne, France (Allied Forces Region in France, French Forces of the Interior: P3).
Its team was composed of 3 men:
Captain DD Guthrie, Great Britain, SOE Code Name: Denby.
Lieutenant P Rousset, France, War name(*): PE Dupont, SOE Code Name: Gapeau.
Lieutenant R Couture, France, War name(*): R Legrand, SOE Code Name: Centime.

(*) French men had to choose a War Name to prevent their families, stood in France, from German persecutions.