Alfred BOYNTON, who is Neil BOYNTON's father, served in 620 Squadron.

Alfred stands in the middle in the back row.

Alfred has indeed spoken about being involved with repatriation of prisoners in the past, however, he now has difficulty communicating verbally due to suffering a stroke a couple of years ago.

Neil would like to know if somebody can help to identify the other airmen on the photo or the place it was taken.

Any details will be appreciated. Please, contact the Webmaster.

Richard MURPHY sent 2 photos. On this first one, his uncle Flight Sergeant Andrew Joseph 'Joe' MURPHY is the number 4.

Richard wanted to know if somebody could give details about this photo. Thanks to Andrew ROSEWARE who made possible a contact with Howard McLAREN, ex Air Bomber in 196 Squadron, who lives in Australia, we have obtained the first details so we can begin to complete the history and the photo:

Howard McLAREN wrote that this photo of 5 squads of the 196 Squadron was taken in April 1944 at Keevil (RAF Station of 196 & 299 Squadrons, 38 Group). Howard slept opposite Joe MURPHY for 7 months in Barracks at Keevil and knew him quite well.

On 20 September 1944, Joe and his crew, in the Stirling IV LJ988 of 196 Squadron, never returned from Operation Market IV. On board were also Warrant Officer W R TAIT (Pilot, No.5), Flight Sergeant S C MABBOTT (Navigator No.3), Warrant Officer E W BANCROFT (Air Bomber No.1), Flight Sergeant T B CRAGG (Wireless Operator/Air Gunner No.2) and Flight Sergeant D G BENNING (Air Gunner). Unfortunately it wasn't possible to retrieve Donovan Geoffrey BENNING that should be on this photo (Donovan could be the first from the left in the centre row) but, thanks again once more to Howard McLAREN, we have a photo of the entire crew. Just follow this link:

Joe's Squad.

Many thanks again to Andrew ROSEWARE and Howard McLAREN.

If you had more details about the photo, please contact the Webmaster.

This is the second photo sent by Richard MURPHY.

It is a funeral mass taken on the 17 September 1946. There is a stamp on the back that says LANGEVOORT B2426 OOSTERBEEK. Richard would like to know what this refers to (note the officer speaking in the background).

Thanks to Jeroen NIELS of the Airborne Museum 'Hartenstein', Philip REINDERS of the Arnhem Battle Research Group and Patric LANGEVOORT, we can say now than 'Langevoort' refers to Bernardus Hendrikus LANGEVOORT (1901-1963) who was a photographer in Oosterbeek during his life. 'B2426' should be the reference of this photo. Oosterbeck, wrote Patric LANGEVOORT, means probably that this photo was taken at the Airborne Cemetery in Oosterbeck. Patric also wrote that the man fully left on the photo (he is only half visible) is the famous priest Ph. W. BERGKOTTE. At last Jeroen NIELS added that the daughter of Bernardus LANGEVOORT has worked for many years at the Airborne Museum 'Hartenstein'.

Many thanks to Jeroen NIELS, Philip REINDERS and Patric LANGEVOORT.

If you had more details about the photo, please contact the Webmaster.



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