A : Air Gunner (on RAF insignia)
(A) : Physical Instructor, Example : SP(A)1C
AA : Anti-Aircraft / Flack / DCA
A&AEE : Air and Armament Experimental Establishment / Aeroplane and                Armament Experimental Establishment (at Martlesham Heath                pre-war, AAS at Boscombe Down in wartime)
AAS : Air Armament School
AASF : Advanced Air Striking Force
a/c : aircraft
AC : Aircraftman
AC : Air Council
A/C : Air Commodore
AC1 : Aircraftman First Class
AC2 : Aircraftman Second Class
ACAS(P) : Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Policy)
ACAS(T) : Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Training) responsible for aircraft                  development
ACM : Air Chief Marshal
ACSEA : Air Command South East Asia
ADCC : Air Defence Cadet Corps
ADGB : Air Defense of Great Britain
ADJ : Adjutant
ADLS : Air Despatch Letter Service
ADM : Administrative
ADM : Admiral

ADO(F) : Assistant Directorate of Organisation (Ferrying)
ADU : Aircraft Delivery Unit
AEAF : Allied Expeditionary Air Force
AEM : Aviation Electrician's Mate
AER : Aerographer
AERM : Aerographer's Mate
AF : Air Force
AFC : Air Force Cross
AFB : Air Force Board / Air Force Base
AFDU : Air Fighting Development Unit
AFEE : Airborne Forces Experimental Establishment
AFM : Air Force Medal
AFS : Advanced Flying School
AFSOUPAC : US Army Forces Southern Pacific
AG : Air Gunner
A.G. : Air Gunner
AGLT : Automatic gun-laying turret
AGS : Aircraft Ground Support
AHB : Air Historical Branch (RAF)
AHQ : Air Headquarters
AI : Airborne Intercept
airborne : aéroporté
Air Cdre : Air Commodore
Air Gunner : Mitrailleur sur Avion
AK : Armee Korps
ALG : Advanced Landing Ground
AM : Air Marshal
AM : Air Medal
AM : Ammunition
A M : Air Medal
AMB : Ambulance
AMC BAFSEA : Air Marshal Commanding Base Air Forces South East Asia
AMF : Allied Military Forces
AMM : Aviation Machinist's Mate
ampg : Air miles per gallon
AMPH : Amphibian
AMSO : Air Member for Supply and Organisation
ankle : cheville
ANTISUB : Antisubmarine
AOC : Air Officer Commanding
AOC-in-C : Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief
AOG : Aircraft on Ground
AOM : Aviation Ordnanceman
AP : American Transport Ships
AP : Aiming Point
AP : Armour Piercing (bomb)
AP : Aviation Pilot
APA : Attack Transports Ships
APC : Acting Pay Clerk
aperture : ouverture
APO : Army Post Office
AQM : Air Quatermaster
ARB : Air Registration Board
ARC : Army Red Cross
ARM : Aviation Radioman
ARMD : Armored
ART : Aviation Radio Technician
ARTY : Artillery
AS : Apprentice Seaman
AS : Armée Secrète (Secret Army, France)
ASC : Air Support Command
ASR : Air Sea Rescue
ASU : Aircraft Storage Unit
ATA : Air Transport Auxiliary
ATAF : Air Tactical Air Force
ATC : Air Traffic Control

ATC : Air Training Corps
ATC : Air Transport Command
ATFERO : Atlantic Ferry Organisation
auw : All-Up Weight
AVM : Air Vice-Marshal
AVN : Aviation
AVN CDT : Aviation Cadet
AVRE : Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers
AW : Armstrong Whitworth
AW : Automatic Weapons
AWC : American War Correspondent
AWRE : Atomic Weapons Research Establishment

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